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Horticulture Waste Management / Garden / Organic Waste

Horticulture waste management like Dry leafs, Wood, Grass, Dry Flowers can be converted into Biofuel with the help of our biofuel pelleting machine. This Biofuel has very good burning calorific value which can be used for multiple purposes like generating electricity, burning fuel in industries, compost making and harmless cooking fuel for chulas. This Biofuel generated from Horticulture Waste, Garden Waste, Organic Waste Composting and Agriculture / Agricultural Waste Management Machine which can bring value to your waste management in companies which further sold to industries as burning fuel.

Food / Organic waste recycle machine

Any type of organic waste which is biodegradable is converted into soil amendment products like compost. Food waste which is a huge problem to dispose off gets treated in our organic food waste compost machines at door step itself. Our fully automatic bio mechanical compost machine converts all biodegradable waste into compost within 24 hours.

Plastic Waste Machines

Any flexible plastic waste can be converted into reusable plastic products. This starts from shredding and converting plastic into reusable products. By using our plastic waste machine you can convert the plastic waste into plastic granules for reproduction of plastic goods again.

waste paper recycle machine

Any kind of waste paper can be recycled into paper bricks through our waste paper recycling machinery which can be used for land fillings and as burning fuel for industries and also very helpful for reproduction of any material like card boards, handicraft from waste paper even use it as burinig fuel or make your industry a paper recycle company.

How does it work?

Machinery will be installed as per the requirement.
• All our machines can be operated by any person after one week training and our all machines are fully automatic.
• Segregation of waste is very important.
• Horticulture Waste, Garden waste, Organic Waste, Food waste, Plastic waste and Paper waste can be collected in different colored bins or in waste management compost machines.
• Segregated waste is individually treated and converted by respective machines individually.


Machine Range

Intake Capacity
Horticulture/Garden Waste
Food Waste Machines
Plastic Waste Machines
Paper Waste Machines
50 - 60 Kgs / Day
100 - 110 Kgs / Day
250 - 260 Kgs / Day
550 - 600 Kgs / Day
1000 Kgs / Day

Company's Background

Client Testimonials

• SMS Hydrotech Waste Management Machines & Service really helped our company to maintain eco-friendly environment by reusing our industrial garden waste and reuse it as organic nutrition for our gardens itself. Great solution for waste management services in india

• SMS Hydrotech is one of the best waste management companies in india, through which now we are able to manage our garden waste in clubs.

• We are very pleased with SMS Hydrotech waste management recycling containers services India and with very great prices, awesome customer service and solid features for recycling the waste products.

• We looked for many waste management companies in india who can provide best solution for our hotel then we came across SMS Hydrotech and they really solved our problem. Really Great Manufacturers, Quite Happy with SMS waste management machines

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